December 2018


This is the third release of LTI Pro.

New and Enhanced Features

This release has the following new features:

  • Auto provision a Zoom user without requiring a confirmation email
    • This will require a trusted domain be setup for the account by support
  • Canvas calendar and conversations
    • Post links to Zoom meetings to Canvas calendar
    • Edit and Delete Meetings from Canvas calendar
  • D2L calendar
    • Post links to Zoom meetings to D2L calendar
    • Edit and Delete Meetings from D2L calendar
  • Custom LTI attribute to set LTI user’s email address can now be configured
  • LTI launch error message and link can be now customized
  • Linking previous meetings for students to Zoom cloud recording can now be enabled or disabled
  • Auto provisioning a Zoom user new supports Corp and Pro licenses

Bug Fixes

This release fixes the following bugs:

  • If Zoom account is configured to always set meeting topic as Zoom meeting, LTI user won’t be able to set topic of meeting anymore


This release of LTI Pro will allow accounts to migrate existing LTI data over to LTI Pro. For more information, contact our support team.

Known Issues

  • Single meetings within recurring meetings can’t be edited
  • Searching recordings by keyword is not supported
  • Editing language is not supported