December 2019


This is the tenth release of LTI Pro.

New and Enhanced Features

This release has the following new features:

  • Student scheduled and hosted meetings are now an option. With this option turned on, LTI Pro Admins now have the option to:
    • Auto provision students with Zoom accounts
    • Auto upgrade students to a Pro or Corp user type
    • Auto populate student hosted meetings to automatically make course instructors be alternative hosts
  • Importing meetings from your Zoom account to a course is now supported
    • Zoom Admins can import any meeting in the account to a course
    • Instructors (non Admins) can import any meeting they are the host of into the course
    • Importing meetings will also import all the cloud recording associated with the meeting to the course
  • Cloud recording for PMI meetings now appear in the course
  • Changing the name of a recording on the Zoom website will change the name of the recording in the course
  • SHA-256 is now supported for OAuth

Bug Fixes

This release has the following bug fixes:

  • A new timezone in Brazil is now supported
  • Mute participants upon entry meeting option now adheres to Account, Group and User settings
  • OAuth authorization (needed for Canvas Calendar and Conversations) supports authorization in different domains even when the server_domain LTI attribute sets the primary domain

Known Issues

This release has the following known issues:

  • Imported meetings will not have the Alternative Host field automatically populated
  • Single meetings within recurring meetings can’t be edited
  • Editing language is not supported