February 2020


This is the eleventh release of LTI Pro.

New and Enhanced Features

This release has the following new features:

  • Upload polls and provide poll results for Zoom meetings in a course
  • Import meeting now supports:
    • Automatically populating alternative host field
    • Adding meeting to Canvas, Moodle and D2L/Brightspace calendars
    • Announce meeting via Canvas Calendar
    • Setting tracking field of meeting
  • The email address of the user can now be set via LTI attributes with these options:
    • lti_attribute_email_address
    • lti_attribute_email_name@lti_attribute_email_domain*
    • lti_attribute_email_name@email_domain*
  • Get Training link text and link can now be customized
  • Chrome 80 support
    • Set cookies with the “SameSite=None; Secure” flags

* Denotes a new attribute

Bug Fixes

This release has the following bug fixes:

  • Import PAC meetings are now rejected with a proper error message
  • Error message corrected when trying to import a meeting belonging to another account
  • Moodle Calendar now works when Moodle is not installed at the root domain
  • Accessibility fixes

Known Issues

This release has the following known issues:

  • Single meetings within recurring meetings can’t be edited
  • Editing language is not supported