July 2020


This is the thirteenth release of LTI Pro.

New and Enhanced Features

  • Schedule Meeting user interface now includes a Security row which will eventually require the meeting host to choose Passcode or Waiting Room to secure their meeting
  • LTI Pro Admins can now Import meetings into the courses in their LMS by uploading a CSV file on the LTI Pro configuration page
  • LTI Pro Admins must enter the Approved Domains to enable LTI Pro to run in an iFrame inside the LMS

Known Issues

This release has the following known issues:

  • “Breakout Room pre-assign” meeting option is not currently supported while scheduling a meeting with LTI Pro. Users have the following work arounds to enable this option:
    • Schedule the meeting with LTI Pro and then enable the selected option for the meeting on the Zoom website
    • Schedule the meeting on the Zoom website and then Import the meeting into a course with LTI Pro
  • Changing User Role of LTI Pro installer from Admin to Member on the Edit User page will cause LTI Pro to stop working because the application will not have the necessary permissions to function
  • Importing meetings into LTI Pro that were created in an account that was merged into another account currently does not work
  • Single meetings within recurring meetings can’t be edited
  • Changing to another language besides English is currently not supported