November 2018


This is the second release of LTI Pro.

New and Enhanced Features

  • Improved user interface for showing all meetings associated with a course or only the current instructor’s meetings
  • Timezone improvements
    • Timezone of LTI user can be set from LTI attribute ($Person.address.timezone) provided at LTI launch
    • Timezone can be edited by LTI user
  • Meeting options
    • Enable waiting room is now supported
    • Meeting registration is now supported
  • LTI secret does not need to be changed for new LTI Pro releases
  • Join button removed from previous meeting
  • Recording column removed from upcoming meetings

Bug Fixes

  • Course meetings sometimes don’t show up in Blackboard and Moodle

Known Issues

  • Auto Provisioning of a Zoom Pro license depends on Instructors activating their account via a confirmation email if Managed Domain is not turned on
    • If Managed Domain is turned on Instructors will have their Zoom Pro license automatically activated without a confirmation email
  • Single meetings within recurring meetings can’t be edited
  • Searching recordings by keyword is not supported
  • Editing language is not supported

This release does not support Canvas Calendar and Canvas Conversations which were previously supported with Zoom’s Canvas App LTI. An upcoming release of LTI Pro will provide support for Canvas Calendar and Canvas Conversations.

This release does not support D2L Calendar which was previously supported with Zoom’s D2L App LTI. An upcoming release of LTI Pro will provide support for D2L Calendar.