Getting Started with LTI Pro


LTI Pro allows you to connect Zoom with your LMS and includes an extended feature set of what is offered in the basic LTI.

LTI Pro Gives instructors the following functionality:

  • Schedule and manage meetings
  • Start or join meetings
  • View upcoming meetings
  • View and manage previous meetings and recordings
  • Auto-provision a Zoom License for instructors

LTI Pro gives students the following functionality:

  • View upcoming meetings
  • Join meetings
  • View previous meetings and recordings


  • Education, Business, or Enterprise Plan
  • A supported LTI Account (Canvas, D2L, Blackboard, Sakai, and Moodle)
  • Zoom Account user with Admin role permissions

Install LTI Pro App

  1. Navigate to the LTI Pro app in the Zoom Marketplace.
  2. If you are not signed in, click Sign in to install.
  3. Enable the Pre-approve setting
  4. Click Install
  5. Confirm the permissions the app requires and click Authorize.
  6. Click + Create a new credential
  7. Edit the credential’s title and click Save
  8. You will be redirected to an LTI credentials page. Here, you will obtain your LTI Credentials (LTI URL, LTI Key, and LTI Secret) to configure with your LMS.

Configuring LTI Pro

To configure LTI Pro and install on your LMS, please see this article.

For additional help or technical support please submit a ticket.